Friday, November 28, 2008

Bringing Monster home for Thanksgiving

I've never really celebrated Thanksgiving until last year. We continued the tradition this year, purchasing a turkey at 10 a.m. along with mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet yams, bread, and stuffing. We started eating as soon as we got the table set up because the turkey was still warm from the oven. Monster joined us for Thanksgiving this year, our first Thanksgiving together, and we all gathered around the table hungrily eyeing the turkey and food. Unfortunately, my older brother decided that the turkey had to be cut properly, so he stood by the turkey with a knife and fork and his laptop balanced precariously on the table, trying to cut the darn turkey and stopping every two seconds to glance back at his laptop to make sure he was doing it the right way.

We got tired after about ten seconds of this tomfoolery; my mom grabbed the knife and ripped that turkey apart. The rest of our day was filled with games, fun, movies, and just general family time. This is my fourth family trip with Monster, and I think we get more and more comfortable with each other's families every time we do it. Monster told me yesterday he truly feels at home with my family, which warms my heart. It's so wonderful to be here with everyone I love, and not having to wish Monster were here with us too. Granted, there are some parts I wish he didn't have to see, like how heated we can get during a game of Settlers, when we're all yelling at each other because of a stolen resource or fuming because someone blocked off our trade route. But family is family, and you gotta love 'em.

My little cousin is participating in nano-rhino...well it's actually "NaNoWriMo," or short for "National Novel Writing Month," but "nano-rhino" is what I heard the first few times he tried to explain it to me. He's typing away furiously, and I still can't comprehend why one would want to write 50,000 words in a novel just for nothing when they could be busy doing other things with their fingers, like stuffing their faces with turkey. But maybe I'm just bitter because I have so many papers to write for next week, and I keep telling Monster I'm going to be a crying mess on Sunday night because of all the work I haven't done due to turkey-eating and Settlers-playing. I wonder if I'll miss the homework once I start working. I actually know people who are odd like that.

My cousins, Monster, and I have also started a competition against each other on a Facebook game called "Word Challenge." It's interesting in the sense that after every score, the game will liken your vocabulary to a certain vocation. I've been told that my vocabulary is equivalent to that of a pro-wrestler's, a schoolyard bully's, an actor's, a scribe's, a celebrity chef's, a librarian's, a politician's, an anagram cyborg's, and a carpenter's. This game must be terribly insulting to those who actually have those occupations. Also, who decides which occupation matches with which vocabulary level? Who's to say that a celebrity chef has worse diction than an anagram cyborg? 'Scuse me, but Bobby Flay could talk rings around any ol' cyborg any day.

Tomorrow I've agreed to play Diplomacy with everyone, which is apparently like Risk. For those of you unfamiliar with the game(s), it basically involves forming alliances and then backstabbing those in your alliance. Since Monster's been begging me to play, I've agreed to play with him against my better judgment, but knowing how competitive I am, he may be sleeping on the couch for the next few nights after we get home.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and I hope it's filled with the things and the people you love most.

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